Wemind retreats are 100% focused on the enjoyment and assimilation of a range of carefully selected activities that encourage self inquiry, exploration and experimentation.

It might sound strange, but we want you to leave the WeMind retreat feeling as if you no longer need to attend a retreat again!

The WeMind Experience

Wevolved and Funconscious Retreats!

For a few special days we will fill your world with a wide range of activities; from individual to collaborative; from silent to participatory; from static posture to unbridled movement; from yoga to TED talks nights; from silent picnics to night dinners with special art events…

We want you to enjoy, create, experience, evolve. We want you to be you, to be free of doctrines and full of the honest messages of your heart.
Daily practice of Hatha Yoga is organised at all of our retreats. We also try Acro Yoga and Air Yoga!
We offer a range of activities intended to engage and challenge you.
Daily practice of meditation. From Buddhist theravada tradition to Osho Active meditations.
Workshops intended to investigate how we become more responsible and caring.

Positive Words


“Grateful for the opportunity to feel total freedom and the clear expression of telling who we are without the use of words at all”

Viviana Contreras
Wemind Participant

“Its a very good blend, an awesome salad because you have a lot of ingredients to taste that are coming from different backgrounds.”

Farid Cortes
Wemind facilitator

“It was so creative, so participatory for the whole group.”

Julia Rux
United States
WeMind Particpant

“A good way to re-size your own personal experience, to find new approaches to everything, to see beyond, to feel yourself alive in everything you do. Grateful to be part of the experience”.

Julia X
WeMind Volunteer

Get Involved!

Next Retreat:


WEvolve II Retreat

August 2017, Vilcabamba Ecuador

One experience, all experiences. Learn new channels to connect with your true self through a journey of 5 days in magical Vilcabamba that will provide you all the inspiration to go back home totally re-invigorated.

WeCare Retreat

October 2017, San diego

Sustainability, Awareness and acro-fun! Environmental activist Rob Greenfield together with Charyl Davies will teach us about conscious living. Acroyoga couple Max and Liz will provide master classes.

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