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Try new things!

Movement, Creativity, Healing

Our retreats offer a range of activities with the intention of immersing and opening your body and mind, showing you new paths for exploring your consciousness, things you might not have considered before, but may soon come to love!

Open your body

Activities to help you explore your being.

contact-improv-wemind-retreatsContact Impro

Contact Improvisation is the dance of the Now. A truthful communication of the body. It is an art that proposes a game of constant movement without losing contact with the other.

It is a purifying dance that invites you to be here and now, get lost in this dance and be the only thing in existence. 

thai-massage-wemind-retreatsThai Massage

The Art of Giving and Receiving: Thai Massage follow the energy lines of the body to restore flexibility, help the flow of blood and calm and de-stress the places you need it most.

WeMind host engaging hands-on Thai Massage workshops where you will learn not only how to give but also receive a massage.

sweat-lodge-wemind-retreatsSweat Lodge

Originating in Pre-Hispanic indigenous cultures from Mesoamerica, a sweat lodge is a symbolic return to mother earth; it recreates the lost memories of being cradled in your mother’s womb. 

Supported by beautiful traditional songs and a sweet tea, you will purify your body with the heat of the sweat lodge and release toxins from both the body and the mind. 

Open your mind!

Activities to help open your mind! 

Sacred Geometry & Crystals

In this workshop we contemplate several sacred structures from different cultures such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Celtic, Amerindian and Christian diagrams.

We will discover how geometry is a part of our daily life and how can we develop a way to see our own geometry, understand pattens and behaviours based on geometric structures anchored in our energetic bodies.

sound-cirlces-wemind-retreatsHealing Sound Circles

Explore an inner journey through beautiful, indigenous, traditional sounds. Musical vibrations can heal, relax and restore your energy while aligning your chakras.

Sound has an important impact on water; our bodies are composed of almost 70% H2O, so be ready to harmonize your entire being and feel like a new person. 

Land Mandala

This is an art piece made out of the natural elements found in nature  and created spontaneously by the participants taking part of this workshop.

The Amerindian Wheel of Medicine is a way to understand and heal the inner self and this activity may be referred to better as a ritual than as a workshop, we will discuss the basis of the Wheel, the symbolic aspect of each element, and the meanings.

Positive Words


“Grateful for the opportunity to feel total freedom and the clear expression of telling who we are without the use of words at all”

Viviana Contreras
Wemind Participant

“Its a very good blend, an awesome salad because you have a lot of ingredients to taste that are coming from different backgrounds.”

Farid Cortes
Wemind facilitator

“It was so creative, so participatory for the whole group.”

Julia Rux
United States
WeMind Particpant

“A good way to re-size your own personal experience, to find new approaches to everything, to see beyond, to feel yourself alive in everything you do. Grateful to be part of the experience”.

Julia X
WeMind Volunteer

Get Involved!

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August 2017, Vilcabamba Ecuador

One experience, all experiences. Learn new channels to connect with your true self through a journey of 5 days in magical Vilcabamba that will provide you all the inspiration to go back home totally re-invigorated.

WeCare Retreat

October 2017, San diego

Sustainability, Awareness and acro-fun! Environmental activist Rob Greenfield together with Charyl Davies will teach us about conscious living. Acroyoga couple Max and Liz will provide master classes.

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