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Social & Environmental

Working for positive change.

1. Interacting with local communities.

We aim to explore the area around our retreat sites looking for real exchange experiences among the local people and their cultures. We seek human expression of communal living that may help us go back to our own roots, where cooperation between us and mother nature was the main and only natural law to be followed. Learn about sustainability, rituals and new ways to relate with your brothers and sisters.

2. Learning, sharing and bonding.

The more you share, the more you expand, the more you care, the less the ego takes over your thoughts, actions and speech. Come and share some workshops with kids, elders or whoever might be looking for a profound loveable experience where everything is about opening the heart and giving it all out to the others. Let’s create things together and leave a footprint on someone else’s life.

3. On a quest for conscious living.

Planet Earth is our home, our mother, our everything! Learning to see no separation between nature and us is crucial for a real, sustainable and evolutionary shift of consciousness that would result in a much healthier journey for everyone. Highlighting the basic understandings required for a more peaceful way of life, we will provide you with as many tools as we can to help you to realise that you are also a change-maker and that you could actually be that example you want to see in the world. Let’s get empowered together!


A range of workshops aimed at sharing new and innovative ways of living.

Learn how to reduce impact on the environment and live in harmony with your surroundings.

How to Be the Change in a Messed up World

Shocked by the realization that his life was contributing to the destruction of the very Earth he professed to love and the people he considered equals, Rob chose to be the change he wanted to see. In this workshop he will share his transformative adventures in activism and discuss how you can be the change in our messed up world.

Use Your Healing Hands for Stress

Life can be very stressful and cause all kinds of negative effects in your body and mind. In this guided lesson, learn how to take back your health and well-being with your own hands.

In an interactive, hands-on practice, experience how to reduce your stress symptoms using Acupressure and holistic health tools.

Wild Fermentation: Natural Probiotic Soda

(How to make Ginger Beer and Kombucha)

Ditch the soda and learn to make your own healthy probiotic bubbly beverages at home. We will guide you through the lost art of wild fermentation and the nutritional benefits of probiotic-rich foods in this hands-on workshop.

Wild Fermentation

Adding probiotic foods to your diet – How to make sauerkraut and pickled vegetables.

Learn the natural and fascinating process of fermentation to nutritionally enhance your foods and see how it can save you money on healthy food.

We will guide you through the lost art of wild fermentation and the nutritional benefits of probiotic-rich foods in this hands-on workshop.

God’s Eyes Mandala.

They say that “God’s Eyes” are a translation of the weaver’s visions while connecting with the cosmos under the effects of the sacred cactus Peyote.

A “God’s Eye” is an artefact best known in the Huichola culture. It represents the 5 cardinal points of the Wixarika cosmos – East, West, North, South and Center.

This “good luck charm” integrates the “cosmic tree” and is to be thrown into the sea  in a sacred place. Come and learn how to Knit one for yourself and others!

Get Involved!

Next Retreat:


WEvolve II Retreat

August 2017, Vilcabamba Ecuador

One experience, all experiences. Learn new channels to connect with your true self through a journey of 5 days in magical Vilcabamba that will provide you all the inspiration to go back home totally re-invigorated.

WeCare Retreat

October 2017, San diego

Sustainability, Awareness and acro-fun! Environmental activist Rob Greenfield together with Charyl Davies will teach us about conscious living. Acroyoga couple Max and Liz will provide master classes.

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