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Wevolve II Retreat @Vilcabamba.

WEvolve: One Experience, All experiences

Welcome to WEvolve II Retreat

7-13th August 2017 – Vilcabamba, Ecuador

After the incredible experience we had last year, we are ready to kick it with this second edition of the Wevolve retreat.

The concept remains the same, “One Experience, All experiences”; movement, yoga, meditation, visit to sustainable communities, music, movies and much more!

More experience!

This year we will have a special focus on the Yogic perspective learning more about its effects on our bodies and minds while we get more involved within the local community so be prepared to share, teach, learn and grow further in your personal development while being wrapped up in a friendly, chilled and stress free environment that will be constantly inviting you to let go of the idea of who you are in order to actually LIVE UP to your truest nature.

Learn and grow further in your personal development while being wrapped up in a friendly, chilled and stress free environment


Find your calling…

An awesome mix of activities specially designed for you to experiment yourself through as many perspectives as possible. Find yourself in the music, in the silence, in the astonishing views that Izhcayluma has to offer, through the body expression workshops.

Find yourself in the satvic food that we will offer you, in the fun of dinners out with live music, in the depth of a massage or just watching some inspiring videos under the stars.

This is the experience for you, come and make it your own.

The Location

The hotel is at the “Valley of Longevity” in Vilcabamba/Loja. It is a perfect spot to relax for some days and enjoy diverse activities that the valley offers on others.

In the hotel you can find rooms with private bathrooms to private quiet cabins with a privileged view of the sacred valley of Vilcabamba. You will love the swimming pool and the gardens, the hammocks in the shade and the beauty of the landscape. At the panoramic restaurant we offer you different national and international dishes.

In the words of the owners: “This is not an hotel, it is  a dream that came true”. “It is not a business, it is home” “Tourism and hospitality are our passions.”

Positive Words


“Grateful for the opportunity to feel total freedom and the clear expression of telling who we are without the use of words at all”

Viviana Contreras
Wemind Participant

“Its a very good blend, an awesome salad because you have a lot of ingredients to taste that are coming from different backgrounds.”

Farid Cortes
Wemind facilitator

“It was so creative, so participatory for the whole group.”

Julia Rux
United States
WeMind Particpant

“A good way to re-size your own personal experience, to find new approaches to everything, to see beyond, to feel yourself alive in everything you do. Grateful to be part of the experience”.

Julia X
WeMind Volunteer

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WEvolve II RETREAT – August 2017, Vilcabamba, Ecuador

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