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WeMind Facilitators

We are Everyone!

WeMind is evolved, collaborative, inclusive, collective, encouraging, nurturing…  When I becomes we then very magical things begin to take place.

We believe that authentic, honest connections between human beings bring out the best of each individual and help build a trust zone where we can all flourish without boundaries.

We look for the most passionate and heartfelt people  to provide the different workshops we offer. They are kind, they are beautiful, they are willing to share and most of all, they are our friends; brothers and sisters from around the globe coming together to brighten the whole experience.

Meet the Facilitators

Yogis, Therapists, Dancers, Psychotherapists, Healers, Artists

We nurture close relationships with a number of facilitators, hand picking them for each retreat to reflect our specific themes and needs of the participants.

Exclusively at our upcoming WeCare Retreat Oct 2017:

Rob Greenfield

Focus: Environmental Activism

Adventurer, environmental activist, humanitarian, and dude making a difference dedicated to leading the way to a more sustainable and just world. He is the creator of The Food Waste Fiasco. He has cycled across the USA twice on a bamboo bicycle and lived off the grid in a 50 square-foot tiny home.

He is the host of Free Ride on Discovery Channel and the author of Dude Making a Difference and donates 100% of his media income to grassroots nonprofits.


Cheryl Davis

Focus: Holistic health

With a passion for healing, Cheryl Davies, L.Ac, L.M.T, believes that by helping others, she can make a positive change in the world. From an early age, she was introduced to holistic health care for her own personal health.  

This planted the seed for her future in Chinese Medicine as an Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist. Cheryl believes that everyone has the power to create a positive impact, and wants to encourage natural health and well-being for all.


Max Lowenstein & Liz Kong

Focus: Acro Yoga

We create environments in teaching AcroYoga where people can take down their walls and become vulnerable.

Through this vulnerability, they can find their own wisdom and truths and ultimately heal themselves. We are here to facilitate inner change through a physical medium, all made possible by the shift inwards in perspective.


Vanesa (Argentina)

Focus: Vinyasa Yoga and Air Yoga

She is a radiologist and has always been working within wellbeing and health, physical, mental and spiritual fields. In 2008 she came across yoga and since then she has not given up on her practice. She did her 300 hours of TT with Yoga Yoghismo, completed 200hs training in Air Yoga and currently she is completing the TT of Anusara.  Her classes are dynamic, always a challenge, not only for the body but also for the mind, inspiring trust and values without forgetting to have fun.

Rafael Núnjar Tovar, Lima

Focus: Holistic therapist, Sound therapy

Self taught musician, researcher of the pre-hispanic sound cultures and musical instrument, using natural materials with special emphasis on the waylla quepa (snail trumpet or pututu) and pumpkin aerophones. In the visual area, the popular imagery of antique Peru has always been his main point of reference and inspiration. In his work as a therapist, he incorporates the sounds of the old and the contemporary Peru, giving concerts of healing sounds. He has been sharing all this experiences through his sonoric project called Qipa.  www.facebook.com/proyectosonoroqipa

Francesca Ruggiero

Focus: Clinical psychology

One night in 2011 she attended a sound circle that changed her life completely: the sound helped her to find universal aspects of herself and of everyone at the same time. From that moment on, for the last 5 years, with profound gratitude she is investigating sound and its effects on health. Most of that investigation she has done with Rafo. They called their mutual work, Pachayachachiq which in Quechua means teach/learn what the pacha (space/time) provides you with. As part of her research journey with sound she learnt to incorporate her handcraft work with bamboo and pumpkin to unveil its sounds as well. At the moment she is studying Analytic Psychology or Junguiana.

Juan Rodriguez (Argentina)

Focus: Contact Impro & Dance Theatre

Juan Manuel Rodríguez, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is 30 years old and has dedicated his life to the scenic and musical arts as an interpreter, director and teacher for the last 14 years. He was part of a very well known artistic company from his country called “Banfield Teatro Ensemble”, he participated in national and international festivals in Peru, Germany and The Netherlands. He has taught classes and seminars since a very young age in South America and Europe.

Farid Rengifo (Colombia)

Live Mandala & Sacred Geometry

Farid is an artist, in the year of 2012 he began to work with crystals, plants and geometry, then he founded La Hortensia. Since then he has started to investigate in the relation between emotions, psychology, chakras, cromo therapy, crystal therapy and the symbolic relation between mandalas and the human psyche.

As a result he’s been developing a series of ways to understand the subconscious mind based on several types of oracles or casts (Crystals, runes, cards…). Since then he works with natural elements to trigger healing experiences via creating several kinds of geometrical structures, from mandalas to the understanding and realization of the inner geometry.


Patricia Roldan (Argentina)

Focus: Mantra Yoga

I began my spiritual quest when I was 20 years old doing metaphysical meditations, then I experienced Reiki and that path led me to Hatha Yoga where I felt the connection between body, mind and soul. I completed a 2 years Teacher Training with Rafael Pros in Argentina (Indra Devi disciple). Through my connection with Hatha Yoga in depth, my whole being woke up and my interior world started to evolve until it transformed my exterior world as well. I decided to change my life in 2014, I moved to Ecuador and nowadays I am living on the Longevity Valley of Vilcabamba where I teach Hatha and Mantra Yoga.

Anja Delahaye (Germany)

Focus: Kundalini Yoga

She has been practising Hatha Yoga for the last 20 years and teaching Kundalini since 2010.

KUNDALINI YOGA – a yogic technology for setting an alignment connection between body, mind and soul, working with mantras, pranayama (breathing exercises ), asanas (postures) and meditations with or without the use of mantras. Kriyas are series of exercises with different goals and they change in each class.

Miguel (Chile)

Focus: Temazcal – Sweat Lodge

Miguel, a simple mystical man who knows the wise path from the ancestral spirits of the north.

He leads Temazcal ceremonies, experiences dedicated to merging our beings with the very own being of the Pachamama through a ritual of medicinal steam bath.

The Temazcal is a space similar to an igloo in which, according to the wisdom of the ancestral, you climb inside Pachamama’s womb in order to receive purification from her.

Maria Alliaud (Argentina)

Focus: Mantra Yoga

Maria provides Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga in Ecuador, with a determined focus on correct alignment and good care of the body, she teaches with the intention of waking up a deeper awareness within our bodily awareness.

She has practiced yoga since 2007 and since merged this with an interest in meditation, always following the path deeper inside. In 2012 she took the Hatha yoga and Bio Dynamics course at Ananda Center in Buenos Aires. This was followed by another Hatha Yoga course in 2014 in Cuenca, Ecuador.

The WeMind Experience

Wevolved and Funconscious Retreats!

For a few special days we will fill your world with a wide range of activities; from individual to collaborative; from silent to participatory; from static posture to unbridled movement; from yoga to TED talks nights; from silent picnics to night dinners with special art events…

We want you to enjoy, create, experience, evolve. We want you to be you, to be free of doctrines and full of the honest messages of your heart.
Daily practice of Hatha Yoga is organised at all of our retreats. We also try Acro Yoga and Air Yoga!
We offer a range of activities intended to engage and challenge you.
Daily practice of meditation. From Buddhist theravada tradition to Osho Active meditations.
Workshops intended to investigate how we become more responsible and caring.

Positive Words


“Grateful for the opportunity to feel total freedom and the clear expression of telling who we are without the use of words at all”

Viviana Contreras
Wemind Participant

“Its a very good blend, an awesome salad because you have a lot of ingredients to taste that are coming from different backgrounds.”

Farid Cortes
Wemind facilitator

“It was so creative, so participatory for the whole group.”

Julia Rux
United States
WeMind Particpant

“A good way to re-size your own personal experience, to find new approaches to everything, to see beyond, to feel yourself alive in everything you do. Grateful to be part of the experience”.

Julia X
WeMind Volunteer